In 2021 FoodSteps succesfully completed a project for The Little Milk Co, the Irish organic cheese farmers’ cooperative, by selecting a new partner, importer/wholesaler/distributor in the Netherlands. Irish cheese will be sold in (organic) retail and cheese specialty stores.

In 2021 we did extensive market research into the USDA organic cheese market in the USA. We selected an experienced European cheese importer, (national) distributor as a partner to develop the cheese sales, distribution and promotion in the US retail for our Dutch producer.

In 2022 we will do market research and matching for two other EU cheese producers for exporting to USA.

We will start extensive market research into export of EU branded consumer cheese and premium food into Japan and Korea. Quite some existing and new customers, producers have confirmed their interest in entering these relevant, but challenging, international consumer food markets.

FoodSteps again will make make an annual reservation of 1% of her gross income for a donation to an international, social project or organization. The objective is ‘to stimulate local (and sustainable) entrepreneurship’. Selection criteria are ‘local working and living conditions of workers’, ‘education’, ‘business initiatives’, ‘food production’ and ‘transparency’.

We will continue sponsoring different international bird protection and cultural organizations.

An example is the Dutch organization for protecting harriers in wild life.


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