In 2021 we selected a new partner, importer/distributor for The Little Milk Co, the Irish organic cheese producer, a farmers’ cooperative. The Irish specialty cheeses will be sold in (organic) supermarkets and cheese specialty shops in the Netherlands.

In 2022 and 2023 we did extensive market research into the USDA organic- and premium cheese market in the USA. We selected a major European cheese importer, partner to develop cheese sales, marketing and distribution in retail and club stores for our Dutch USDA organic certified Gouda (and goat) cheese specialties producer.

Early 2024 we introduced Belgian authentic farmstead cheeses in the USA, for a Belgian specialty cheese producer. We selected one of the major European premium cheese importers in the USA to partner with.

In April 2024 we started a market research and matching project in Japan and South Korea. Together with European premium food producers, customers, we will select local partners in both upcoming, relevant and challenging consumer markets to develop their business.

Every year we support cultural, (organic) food and international nature- and bird protection organizations like ‘Montagu harrier’ through our membership and donations.


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