FoodSteps aims to establish long term relationships with her clients.

We gear all our market research, recommendations, plans and matching activities to the specific situation and needs of our clients. We work based on a project and/or success fee. Personal chemistry and transparency are key for (y)our success.

We like to get to know the entrepreneur, his/her motivations, vision, mission and origin of the company.

FoodSteps developed a ‘Road map to success’ (8 Steps):

  1. We first listen to you and your vision as entrepreneur
  2. FoodSteps formulates your inquiry and identifies its added value
  3. You receive our customer specific (free of charge) offer with the assignment outline, targets, approach, activities, time table and costs
  4. Any adjustments will be made, following your approval, we set to work
  5. We obtain and analyze markt information and speak to relevant parties involved
  6. We present objectives, strategy, results, conclusions, action plan and time schedule
  7. After your approval, we switch to implementation
  8. Evaluation and adjustments

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